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Here are some pictures of the residents and structures:

The C.A.R.E.S. Sanctuary consists of farm animals (horses, goats, chickens, ducks), domestic animals (dogs, cats, rabbits), exotic animals (turtles, tortoise, parrot, fish), and we do a lot of consultations and referrals regarding wild animals.

GOAT PEN for Nigerian Dwarf bucks. This enclosure is about 30 ft. x 50 ft. with a shade tree and house. (A future project will be to separate some of the bucks (younger hornless ones) by cutting the space in half and having their own buck house. We also need to rebuild the existing house because they keep tearing it up.) The bucks are separated from the does. Some are available for adoption.

KENNELS or for BURROWING ANIMALS - There is a 4 sectional cage with 2 sections that are 6 ft. W x 6 ft. L x 6 ft. H, and 1 section that is 6 ft. W x 8 ft. L x 6 ft. H. All of them have 6 ft. underground cages for burrowing animals. There is a 4 ft. W x 20 ft. L x 6 ft. H hallway with doors at either side.

THREE HORSE CORRALS - We have two rescue horses in three adjoining corrals with three large shaders. There is a large barn with corrals inside. Lakota (16 year old BLM mustang) came in years ago with horrible feet and underweight, but is doing fine now, except for a large lump that needs to be removed. Mariposa (18 year old Paso Fino) came in 2016 emaciated, never had her teeth floated before and feet were terrible. We're trying to put weight on her and get her teeth worked on again. Funds are needed to be raised to get the horse vet out to do these things!! When I took these horses in, the vets recommended putting them down and each cost well over $1,000 a piece to keep them alive and to get better. THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS A FREE HORSE!!


DOG YARD - Some of our rescue dogs in their large back yard to play in with a lot of shelter and shade trees. They are inside on hot days and cold nights, and most nights. They now have an insulated cool (or warm) dog building with a doggy door and dog beds and toys all over inside. Food and supplies are securely stored inside.

GOAT CORRAL for does and wethers, sometimes babies, in a 30 ft. x 100 ft. enclosure. They have many dog houses and shade trees and a large amount of space. (Future plans are to build a jungle gym for the goats with stairs, ramps, raised decks, with shelter and shade underneath.)

My baby girl, Zarkana, Nigerian Dwarf yearling.

An enclosure was built to be an aviary with a cement flooring, but is currently used as the RESCUE CATTERY. Each of the three sections are 5 ft. W x 10.5 ft. L. They are protected by a roof, shade trees, get a nice breeze, they can get sun and watch birds, have lots of cat scratch posts, heating blankets in cabinets for cold nights, toys, etc.

A new CATTERY off the back of the house has finally been completed. The dimensions are __ft. W x ___L. It has a freezer to keep animal food fresh, a refrigerator for produce for the tortoises, etc., catch scratch posts, toys, a swamp cooler, a little waterfall for the cats to drink from, and three windows for fresh air, sunlight, and to watch the world outside.

GUEST HOUSE – OFFICE – MEETINGS and a 6-sided metal cage enclosure for escape artists and puppies.

This is “Sully” in the new AFRICAN SULCATA TORTOISE ENCLOSURE. The dimensions are _____ ft. W and _____ Ft. L. She can eat grass, tree leaves, and has a huge salad every day. There is shade and sun, a shallow water pond and has been enclosed in a dig-proof area. She also has a 4 ft. square insulated house with a ramp, and under the roof are heat lamps.

SMALL SULCATA ENCLOSURE - This is “Star”, a smaller African Sulcata Tortoise, in another large area. She can eat grass, tree leaves, and has a big salad every day. There is shade and sun, and is in a dig-proof area. Since she doesn't have adequate shelter for the winter, she is available for adoption.

This is the FISH POND in front of the house that I built. These fish live through summer sun and freezing winter nights where I have to break the ice at the top, and have been here for about five years. They have a pump and filter, waterfall and fountain. Water turtles have lived in here at times.

There is also a RABBITAT, with “BunBun” a rabbit and “Traveler” a desert tortoise, which is 12 ft. W x 21 ft. L x 6 ft. H (to keep predators out) x 6 ft. Deep (an underground cage for burrowing animals).

GEESE ENCLOSURE is ____ W x ____ L with a pond that has a pump and filter. They have plenty of shade and sun, and a house to go into when they want. “Goosey Lucy” lays eggs and has had two goslings. “Assiel” is the male.

Two different DUCK ENCLOSURES, each with pools, shade, sun, shelter and lots of room. They are ___ W x ___ L and ___ W x ___ L.

CHICKEN COOPS (3) for unfertile and fertile eggs. They only eat organic pellets, fresh fruit and veggies, have plenty of sun, shade and shelter, and get a chance to free-range even more in the garden area.

Big Barn and buck pen.

Dog yard with garden area to the back to grow organic produce and herbs for the caretakers and animals.

Back property.

People sanctuary.